Unit Development

Unit Development


Unit Development

Understanding all the aspects of unit development is very important. Starting from planning requirements, to head works, subdivision fees, etc, all these have to be taken in consideration to ensure that the investment is meeting your financial goals.
We provide you with all the vital information before the project and our project management services will help you finish the project smoothly.

Why choose unit development?

A sense of community is hard to come by in modern suburbs and villages, everyone lives their own separate lives with minimal interactions. A mixed residential community such as a planned unit development offers the benefits of traditional homeownership to residents, while living within a self-sufficient town.

The series of houses which are built within the same lot make a community ready to be entered. The residents share a driveway, communal areas and even a sense of community. The communication between those residing in a unit development community is stronger than those with their neighbours on a simple street. The more social environment can occasionally see shared spaces such as pools, halls or shops which work to make things more convenient for the residents.

Even those who live in the community space find themselves feeling the same sense of traditional ownership as they own the land that their house sits on. Even though some spaces are shared, and the driveway is communal, the sense of individuality is not sacrificed in the name of convenience.

The shared spaces are kept clean and welcoming by the community. Your house will never be let down by the one next door since they are in it together. There are no neighbourly disputes about uncut grass, weeds or rubbish since the common space is maintained and kept as a welcoming representative for the community.


Important Points to Remember

There are many complex tasks to be completed and researched before you think about home design and project management, to ensure the task is manageable. Dream Nest is here to help guide you through this process, so you don't miss a thing.

Every residential lot is governed by certain laws and regulations that limit what can be built on that land. Therefore it’s important to the the design requirements before buying land.

It is important to give consideration to the site of the land. There can be unexpected costs to do extra site works if the site conditions are not kept in mind while buying the land. For developments, there could also be fees or infrastructure contributions to the local or state government agencies- that must be checked beforehand.

Our clients are always encouraged to ask as many questions as possible. The more questions are asked, the less the chance of missing out on any important information.


The Dream Nest Way

By sharing our experience with the clients we can ensure the building journey is smooth and enjoyable.
We assist our clients at every stage of the project. From helping to find the right block of land and all through them moving into their home.

  • Consultation

    We provide obligation free consultation to understand the clients needs and we also provide our inputs on buying land

  • Conceptualise and design

    Once the suitable block of land is secured. We sit with the clients to design their home as per their requirements.

  • Finding the right builder / Tendering

    Based on the requirements, budget and specifications. We ensure that the client finds the most suitable builder.

  • Moving into construction

    We assist the clients through the construction process. For larger projects, we also offer project management services.